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Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre tube (Filament Wound) 1000 x 3.0 OD x 2.0mm ID (TS2230)



Carbon Fibre tube (Filament Wound) 1000 x 3.0 OD x 2.0mm ID (TS2230)

This range of carbon fibre micro tubing is a filament wound product (as opposed to pultruded)

 Filament wound tube has high carbon fibre to resin volume and fibre orientation is precisely controlled along theentire length of the tubeing. 

 The outer diameter has a slight textured appearence as a result of the  manufacturing process. However the internal bore is smooth and accurate.

These tubes have high bending  and twisting strength and low weight. This methodology is used in the manufacture of yacht masts, fishing rods  and ski poles where low weight and bednding strength are required.


Technical characteristics:

Length: 1000mm

Outside diameter: 3.00mm

Internal diameter: 2.00mm

Colour: Black gloss

Pattern: Plain slight external texture.

Average Weight: 5 grams per length

It is suggested that care is exercised when cutting this hollow material.

Use only very fine tooth hand saws of thin fine files for cutting and shaping this material to length.

Do not use excessive clamping pressure when holding in a vice. Although the material is exceptionally strong longitudinally, crushing pressure exerted by a vice can cause deformation.

 Additionally to maintain surface integrity use only soft jaws when holding in any vice or clamp.

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